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Speaking to GS TV, Mustafa Cengiz said that İrfan Can wanted to come to Galatasaray, but Başakşehir sold it to Fenerbahçe.

Cengiz’s words are as follows:


“Whoever we want, they aspire. You can’t get anywhere by making me pay more.”


“The issue of İrfan Can … The very valuable player, because his value did not decrease, he went to the opponent team. A valuable and good football player like Mesut. He was a football player that my teacher wanted, not me, I would like it. They opened this job, their managers. The season has begun, the hunting season has begun. The hunting season for the managers. They are looking for this place, they are heating up. From an Anatolian club I saw what the managers are doing to the big club.


“Whoever says a good word can also be the most beautiful blasphemy. The honest person can be the most dangerous person when necessary, but God forbid. The Nazis did a lot of tests in Auschwitz, inhumane. I said this wouldn’t be the case, I called. My Celestial President. I said like this. The President said give a written offer. My Heavenly President is very right. We have passed the written offer. The football player wanted us, the information delivered to us was like Galatasaray. si. That’s it. “

“He said I would give it to the better offerer”

“We came face to face, he said to us, Mr. Göksel, the president, understand me, I am a club president, if he is upside down, my house will be foreclosed. He is very right. If anyone offers better than you, I will give priority right, first among equals. “Thank you very much.” Mr. Göksel said that we did not bid. We came together at Altur. We clearly said that there is someone who wanted us, we said not to separate the lovers. I did not speak, but the information received is in this direction. We said that the request and appetite of that child is a pity. I will not explain. I am very sorry, but it will come out anyway. By the way, there is a bomb, we rejected a sponsor. 2 million euros … Anyway, I will not go into it. People can swallow their little tongue. there are also. “

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